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Injector Dynamics ID1050x Top Feed Injectors

Injector Dynamics ID1050x Top Feed Injectors

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Injector Dynamics ID1050X Injectors WRX


The ultimate reality is these are hands down the best Injectors on the market today! From a consumer standpoint the key to this is how easy it will be for your mechanic to install them and how easily your tuner can get the injector data to tune your car properly. Picking the right injector is huge part of having a car that is enjoyable to drive and the outright performance level you are trying to achieve. In a typical Subaru build the 1050x is the base upgrade injector, usually good for about 450 whp using 93 octane. 

The ID1050x is the evolution of the ID1000, and the latest addition to the X-Series. It is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport, and is the result of lessons learned during development of the ID1300x, and ID1700x.

Like the ID1300x and ID1700x, the ID1050x is not a modified production component. It is a built to spec motorsport injector, offering optimization of critical operating parameters important to you, the motorsport tuner.

Compared to the original ID1000, the ID1050x offers numerous improvements, and is sure to become the new reference.

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