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2008 -2014 Subaru STI Cobb AccessPort Tuning Basemap Service

2008 -2014 Subaru STI Cobb AccessPort Tuning Basemap Service

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This is our custom basemap service. We will build you a map for your modification so you can safely drive your vehicle. Use the drop down selection box to pick the appropriate modifications. If you are unsure which items to select please put a note in the order. These maps are designed to be used on a properly running vehicle.  Ideally this is a map to allow you to drive your car safely, shake down any problems that may arise during part installation. The boost will be limited and it is not a performance map. This is not a replacement for a Dyno Tune. 

Please make sure your parts are installed correctly, these maps have been proven and verified in house.

*This service does not include the Access Port.

* 2 Map Revisions within the 7 Days of receipt of first map

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    Tuning Maps are typically sent out within 24 hours. Products usually ship out the day they are ordered. There is a 2pm Eastern Cut Off to allow for enough timie for order to be processed.